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PRV Audio PRV-108MP3 Cabinet

The passive series of cabinets provide two options for full range wooden cabinets, featuring a high power 15” PRV Woofer and 1.35” titanium compression driver. The PRV-215 features dual 15” woofers to produce even more bass and vocal support for larger venues. The PRV-118 subwoofer features the best-selling 18SW2200 18” subwoofer and is constructed with high quality multi-layered birch plywood. The PRV-218 also features the 18SW2200 subwoofer, but for those who need more bass, it comes loaded with two!


Back yard parties, or complete DJ loudspeaker systems, PRV Audio has the gear you need.


Enclosure Models

PRV Audio PRV-115


High power 15" passive cabinet, with a crystal clear 1.35" titanium compression driver, and dual speakON connectors.

PRV Audio PRV-215


Dual 15" woofers make this cabinet a perfect addition to large halls and venues and is supported by a high quality 1.35" titanium driver

PRV Audio PRV-118 Suwboofer


The 18" subwoofer cabinet, featuring the best selling 18SW2200 woofer, and is rated at 1100w RMS.

PRV Audio PRV-118 Suwboofer


The DUAL 18" subwoofer cabinet, featuring the best selling 18SW2200 woofers, and is rated at 2200w RMS.